Winter's Series

There’s something about the melancholy of the current era that makes me examine more introspectively the things that I’m grappling with. Ultimately, there is some lamenting and sadness for things that are happening - illness, flooding, disappointment, loss.

It’s hard to look at some of these issues in the face, but at the same time, there’s no point avoiding it and the only way to overcome it is to move into it more that you might come through it.

Similarly, I find myself, now that I work in the city, catching myself avoiding the difficult gaze and eye contact of those who are suffering, those who are homeless or addicted - something that parallels our response to so many people and situations that are uncomfortable.

The Winter Short Series are three paintings that helped me not only process my own sense of longing, loss and sadness, but made me consider the longing, loss and sadness of others. It’s so hard to look at these things in the face, but somehow painting these and meditating on the finished painting help me sit in that place, helped me grow compassion and process those feelings. I hope these paintings will serve you in the same way.

What goes through a man’s mind…? (2021)

What goes through a man’s mind when there is no shelter from the harshness of winter? It’s a painful thought, for a man, imagine there is shame, emasculation, regret, loss, disappointment. There’s something intriguing about trying to fix a gaze with this portrait, his eyes a touch too vague to gain focus, I find myself staring and searching, something about it makes me linger and meditate on what he is thinking and evokes a compassion from me that takes the gaze away from myself.

I remember when I was your neighbour (2021)

A continuation from my previous painting, as I process personal feelings of loss, a sense of despair or grieving for the things that will not or ever be, how even the memory of better time doesn’t quite comfort even though it should point to a hope that it eventually will.

I once was someone's daughter

I once was someone’s daughter (2021)

For me, an experimental portrait while I explore my own thoughts of loss; grieving over the things that are lost or forever gone.