New Year, Clean Studio

It took me a pandemic to realize everything I was frantically chasing after what was already in my possession; I was too busy to care for it, too distracted to enjoy it, and exhausted chasing after replacements for it.

The motivation sparked me towards an immovable urge to deep clean my studio in the early hours of Boxing Day morning. I emptied out my junk drawers (or cupboards rather) or clutter and things I was too overwhelmed to deal with, repotted and revived plants, collected my dust bunnies, and scrubbed my work space.

When Covid hit in 2020, I remember sitting in what was my study and office and the time. I was reading some long forgotten passages in the midst of what was, at the time, an insurmountable catastrophe, when I was struck by a deep abiding joy . The joy stemmed from the presence of something, and someone, Good. I was aware of the warmth of the sun, the light, the restful space I had to sit, think, meditate and pray in, the relationships around me, the home I was able to live and rest in. The felt kindness of being given a place to be and create as the pandemic forced me to a stop gave me the impetus to care for what I had instead of chasing after what I don’t.

And so, this time of reseting my studio space has definitely been a time of active reflection of ceasing from striving after the wind, to compare myself with others, and simply steward and share what I have been given. In this case, steward my love for painting, and share any gifts, talents, knowledge and encouragement I have with those around me.