My Best Open Studio X Puppy Magic

Hey art fiends,

Hang with me this weekend -  I'm stoked to announce my best yet Pop-up Studio Tour during the Squamish Artwalk Studio Tours event, happening Saturday and Sunday 29 & 30th August, from 12 pm to 5 pm at The Ledge Community Coffee House.

Step into a world of my never-seen-before prints, killer deals at the studio clearance sale, a portrait giveaway and a my new collection of original artworks. But wait, there's more! Brace yourself for the surprise of a lifetime as I introduce you to my adorable 12-week-old Rottweiler puppy, Shiloh!

The Squamish Artwalk Studio Tours is THE event for all you Sea to Sky art lovers out there! Join me and fellow local artists as we open our creative sanctuaries to showcase our intimate art processes. Get a glimpse behind the curtain as I unleash the secrets behind each of my paintings.

Whether you're a hardcore art collector or just a curious soul, my Pop-up Studio Tour has something that will ignite your rebellious spirit. Snag super giftable and collectable mini prints, and score some deals during the studio clearance sale - your walls are about to get a major upgrade!

Oh, and did I mention the VIP guest of honor? Shiloh, my feisty and fierce puppy, will be unleashing puppy mayhem and puppy love all over the place. She's the life of my creative party, and she can't wait to meet her fellow art rebels!

Mark your calendars for July 29 & 30, and join me at the Pop-up Studio Tour during the Squamish Artwalk Studio Tours event.