Join me! I'm teaching in Sktchy #30Faces30Days

Exciting News! This October 2022, Sktchy will be launching its Second #30Faces30Days in Watercolour Challenge and I will be teaching 3 of the lessons.

If you would like to learn and improve your watercolour portraits or simply just know more about the thought process behind my work sign up with Sktchy!

An all-new edition of @sktchy’s 30 Faces/30 Days starts October 1, but you can join in any time! :D

The Challenge:

Create a watercolor portrait every day for 30 days with 10 extraordinary watercolor artists from around the world.

  1. Alyssa Wolber (SktchyInstagram)
  2. Charlotte Hamilton (SktchyInstagram)
  3. David Tenorio (SktchyInstagram)
  4. Dritan Duro (SktchyInstagram)
  5. Kirsten Britt (SktchyInstagram)
  6. Kyle Legaspi (SktchyInstagram)
  7. Lorraine Simonds (SktchyInstagram)
  8. Peta Harvey (SktchyInstagram)
  9. Rik Reimert (SktchyInstagram)
  10. Wira Faryma (SktchyInstagram)

Watercolor invites you to loosen up, go with the flow, celebrate color, embrace "happy accidents" and experience the joy of painting.

In this challenge, you'll immerse yourself in this magical medium and grow as a painter, one face at a time.