A Little Local Debut

A little less than a year ago, my journey into watercolour began, but I never quite anticipated that I would be able to reach for some of the heights that I did, and I definitely did not do achieve it on my own!

Borne out of discontentment and a vision for what could be, an idea planted in my brain almost to this very date that I wanted to learn all about watercolour and I wanted to bring something different to the town that I lived in. Less than a year later, I would have never imagined that I would be invited to hang my work in a local venue.


Having said all of this, I can’t claim any victory to be solely my own; like many things - like my work or faith life - I was dependent on some solid relationships and incredible community to guide, encourage and teach me. And likewise - it was an absolute joy to be able to share the richness of what received to others around me, both in-person and virtually.

It ws quite the learning curve learning to frame and present your work in the best way possible to communicate and enrich the experience for the viewer. For me, names and short descriptions are integral to the visual component of the art experience, which has given me a renewed appreciation for seeing and viewing an artist’s body of work in an exhibition. It’s from there you see the many facets of a singular soul through the “windows” of each painting. Together, the paintings talk to each other and are cohesive in a style or voice that you would not otherwise see. You see the threads of how they relate, how they sing together a single song of many harmonies.

For those of you who haven’t seen art in a space, definitely make the time to see a local artist’s work with some of those thoughts and questions. And for those artists reading, even if you don’t have a local venue to exhibit, consider making a space in your home to enjoy the paintings you’ve made and perhaps consider what your artwork is singing together.